About Iyobu

Iyobu’s mission is to enable micro-businesses (entrepreneurs, mom & pop businesses and non-profits) to have a fair advantage at expert resources and tools to brand, market and grow their business.
We realize that you may be at a disadvantage without a dedicated marketing, creative, finance team and budget. Being a small business does not mean you shouldn’t have access to the resources and tools big business is afforded.
Iyobu’s founder Mildred Center has a background in marketing, branding, and growing successful businesses as an entrepreneur, as well as heading marketing and creative teams at fortune 500 firms including Centerdesign, Merrill Lynch, Citigroup, Credit Suisse First Boston, Sony Electronics, and LPL Financial.
Iyobu is your virtual marketing partner, providing free access and expert recommendations to articles, podcasts, blog content, publications, conferences, and products to support your business success.